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The EZ Data Dictionary® application is delivered in a setup executable that initiates the standard InstallShield Wizard. The steps and screens below illustrate execution of the InstallShield Wizard as well as the default installation setup for Data Dictionary® that will be the result.



InstallShield Wizard

Start by opening the downloaded setup application. Enter your profile information and select the installation destination. The Wizard will also install the Microsoft .NET Package 2.0 if it is not already installed.

The screen below will appear to indicate when the EZ Data Dictionary® application has been fully installed to the directory specified.


Default Setup

By default the EZ Data Dictionary® application will install to the C:\EZDD directory. This location may be changed by specifying a different directory during the installation process. The installed directory will contain the following five subdirectories: ASCII, Databases, Documents, Logfiles, and Programs.

In the default installation there will be no files in the ASCII and Logfiles folders. The Logfiles folder will be discussed in the Common Tasks section of this Quick Start Guide. The ASCII folder contains files when used in advanced applications addressed in the User Manual.

The Databases folder contains all the information necessary for EZ Data Dictionary® to access the three databases included in the default installation. The Programs folder includes all the files necessary to run the application.



The default installation of EZ Data Dictionary® includes the metadata for three databases: the EZDD database itself, the Northwind sample database in Access and the Northwind sample database in SQL Server®. The two Access databases, EZDD and Northwind in Access, are installed in the Databases subdirectory so the actual data in those source databases can be accessed from the default installation. The backup file for the Northwind database in SQL Server® is installed in the Databases subdirectory so it can be restored and then the data can be accessed from EZ Data Dictionary®. Even without installing the Northwind database in SQL Server®, all the metadata about that database can still be viewed and searched, only the actual data in the database will not be visible.

In addition, two folders are installed in this directory: Oracle® Files and SQL Server® Files. These folders contain everything necessary to install the EZ Data Dictionary® database itself in Oracle® or SQL Server®. Instructions to accomplish this are included in the User Manual.