The EZ Data Dictionary®

Don't document your databases with Excel®, use EZ Data Dictionary® !

Here's why:

  1. in Excel® you can misspell the names of tables and columns, but not in EZ Data Dictionary®.
  2. In Excel®, you can miss some tables and columns completely, but not in EZ Data Dictionary®.
  3. You can still copy and paste your documentation into Excel® from EZ Data Dictionary®.
  4. Maintenance of your spreadsheet documentation is difficult In Excel® when you add, change or delete tables and columns, but with EZ Data Dictionary®, it is automatic and easy.
  5. Custom reports are hard in Excel®, but easy in EZ Data Dictionary®.
  6. You can't update an Excel® spreadsheet from multiple users, but it's easy with EZ Data Dictionary®.
  7. Documenting your interfaces is like a whole new event in Excel®, but it's easy with EZ Data Dictionary®.
  8. Displaying the relationships between tables is not usually done in Excel®, but it is automatic in EZ Data Dictionary®.
  9. All the data that you capture in EZ Data Dictionary® is stored in a database so that it is easier for your IT department to access it.

Here are the benefits of EZ Data Dictionary:

Watch the video to see the product in action.

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