EZ Data Dictionary®

If you’re looking for a more effective database documentation tool than Excel®, you’re come to the right place. Here’s why:

  1. In Excel you can misspell the names of tables and columns, but not in EZ Data Dictionary.
  2. In Excel, you can miss some tables and columns, but not in EZ Data Dictionary.
  3. You can still copy and paste documentation into Excel from EZ Data Dictionary.
  4. Maintaining spreadsheet documentation is difficult In Excel when you add, change, or delete tables and columns. With EZ Data Dictionary, it’s automatic and easy.
  5. Custom reports are hard in Excel but easy in EZ Data Dictionary.
  6. You can’t update an Excel spreadsheet from multiple users. You can with EZ Data Dictionary.
  7. Documenting interfaces is like a whole new event in Excel, but it’s easy with EZ Data Dictionary®.
  8. Displaying the relationships between tables is not usually done in Excel, but it’s automatic in EZ Data Dictionary®.
  9. All the data you capture in EZ Data Dictionary is stored in a database so it’s easier for your IT department to access it.

In short, EZ Data Dictionary:

  • Improves the productivity of your people
  • Improves your system documentation
  • Satisfies audit requirements
  • Makes report building faster and easier
  • Improves communication between systems professionals and end users for projects like data warehousing
  • Saves time and effort by providing easy access to database design and definitions
  • Is an easy, inexpensive way to distribute information about databases
  • Allows users to review database elements and definitions in a friendly environment
  • Integrates easily with SQL Server®, Oracle®, and Microsoft Access®
  • Can be updated easily in a friendly multi-user environment.

Watch the videos below to see the product in action.

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