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The value of EZ Data Dictionary® is its ability to improve productivity by providing fast and easy ways to get answers and shorten the learning curve for someone trying to understand a database and learn about its data. In addition, when the application is used with the associated Easy to Use Extract, Transformation and Load (EZETL) utilities for a project such as a conversion, then productivity is increased dramatically once again. (The EZETL utilities are separate products not included in the EZDD Installation).

In many cases a company does not have information about their databases in one place that is easy to access. In addition, frequently the databases are in multiple technologies and are very poorly documented. EZ Data Dictionary® can be used as a first step in solving this problem, as well as to improve documentation over time, or for a specific project where it would be helpful. EZ Data Dictionary® can be of great value even if the data it stores about a database is minimal, as it provides that metadata in an easily accessible and easily understood manner. The metadata stored can be expanded to be increasingly more comprehensive, providing a valuable information and documentation repository.

EZ Data Dictionary® can create and store metadata about any desired database. The metadata is information about the database, including its structure and descriptive information about its data. The metadata that is captured for any database using EZ Data Dictionary® is stored in the EZ Data Dictionary® Database using a data structure that is friendly and easy to understand. It can easily be accessed and used to do customized or standard reporting. Databases in virtually any database technology can be documented in the EZ Data Dictionary® Database. The default installation of EZ Data Dictionary® will store the EZ Data Dictionary® Database as a Microsoft Access® Database, but even this database can be stored in other database technologies such as SQL Server® or Oracle®.

Two modules are included in EZ Data Dictionary®: EZDD_Admin and EZDD_Inquiry. EZDD_Admin provides administrative function such as adding or deleting source databases, creating and updating metadata about the databases, or performing advanced functions such as mapping interfaces for databases. An installation typically designates someone to administer the system, which is accomplished using this module.

EZDD_Inquiry is used to understand the source databases included in the EZ Data Dictionary® Database with capabilities to browse the metadata, search the metadata for desired information, and if the user has appropriate permissions, looking at samples of the actual data in the source database. The metadata includes the structure of the referenced database so EZDD_Inquiry offers a quick, simple and easy way to browse, search or get information about that structure.

Two videos on the web site demonstrate these two modules. Each video is less than 7 minutes long, and provides the fastest way to get an understanding of the capabilities. Another option is to review the Quick Start Guide in this User Manual.