EZDD_Admin > Main Screen


Once registration and login have been accomplished, the main EZDD_Admin screen will appear. The databases whose metadata is included in the EZDD Database will be listed, and the user may continue working in the EZDD_Admin module, or choose to switch over to the EZDD_Inquiry module.

The EZDD_Admin main screen offers all the functions that manage the EZ Data Dictionaryreg; Database. Basic actions include adding, updating, or deleting source databases, and maintaining the file that determines the configuration of the EZDD software. Advanced functions include a comprehensive and powerful section on using interface tables and an ability to generate SQL to update data from one version of a database to another.



Change_Connect String_for a_Database

From within the EZDD_Admin module, the drop down option Database Operations gives the user the ability to change the connect string for an included database. The user would select a particular database among the list of included databases, then select Change Connect String for a Database to change the connect string for that database. The process will unfold as described below.


Change_EZDD Database

From within the EZDD_Admin module, the drop down option EZDD_Special_Functions gives the user the ability to change the EZDD database being used without exiting the application to modify the EZDD.txt file and then needing to restart the application. By choosing this option the EZDD.txt file will be modified from within the application and EZDD_Admin will continue on using this new EZDD Database.


Start EZDD_Inquiry

To switch from the EZDD_Admin to EZDD_Inquiry, select EZDD_Inquiry from the top options ribbon within the EZDD_Admin module, then EZDD_Inquiry from the drop-down, and the EZDD_Inquiry module will be initiated. This drop down option gives the user the option to start EZDD_Inquiry without exiting the application.



From within the EZDD_Admin module, the drop down option Help gives the uses the ability to Register [the] Software, go the Quick Start Guide, go to the User Manual, or learn About EZDD.


Other Functions

The main and most powerful functions of the EZDD_Admin module are available through the use of the buttons on the Main Screen. Each of these functions is described in detail in its own section. These functions include adding a new database, building or updating the structure and metadata for a database, editing the information about a database, deleting a database, editing the EZDD Configuration file, maintain the interface tables, and upgrading the tables SQL.