EZDD_Admin > Add a Database


One of the most common administrative tasks accomplished using the EZDD_Admin module is to add a source database to the EZ Data Dictionary® database, and to generate basic metadata for that database. This example will show how to link to the Northwind test database in SQL Server and import the definitions provided in the initial EZ Data Dictionary® installation. Start by clicking the Add a New Database button to continue.



Set Up Connection

There are multiple ways to connect to a database. The most common is using an OLE DB Data Link by clicking the Connect button on the left.


Select the provider for SQL Server and click Next. Enter the information for the server containing the Northwind database. The Test Connection button can be used to confirm the settings are functional. Click Ok to continue.


If a username and password are required to connect to the SQL Server enter these here. Select the database owner for the Northwind database and click Next to continue.


The Database Info window displays possible documentation and their descriptions for the database. Make sure to give the database entry a name with the DATABASE_NAME cell. Press the Update button to save any changes made and click the Next button to continue.


Generate Information

EZ Data Dictionary® generates metadata about the database structure by directly analyzing the source database itself, indicated by the option to Copy Definitions from the same Database Number, as illustrated below. Optionally this information, along with database structure descriptive information, can copied from another source database that has already been defined and stored in the EZ Data Dictionary® database. An example of this is in the section Build Or Update DB Structure. Click the Begin Update button to start the process. When completed, click the Go Back button to return to the main EZDD Admin screen.


The metadata for the new source database is now ready to be accessed using the EZDD_Inquiry module and includes a copy of the definitions packaged with EZ Data Dictionary® for the Northwind database.


Get Info From Another EZDD Database

The descriptive metadata for a database being added can be copied from another included database that already exists in the EZDD database. This can maintain descriptive information when an included database structure is being updated to match the current defined structure.