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This section describes the typical structure of EZ Data Dictionary® screens, including common buttons and navigation elements generally available, including Go Back, Exit, Copy and Update.

The EZ Data Dictionary® screens are designed to be straightforward and fairly self explanatory. The main navigation buttons are always at the bottom of the screen with a button navigating back to a previous screen generally located furthest to the right.


Go Back, Exit

The Go Back button will return to the previous screen, the Go Back to Admin button to the main screen and the Exit button will exit the application. All of these buttons will exit the screen without applying any pending changes. On some deep level screens a button may appear that will take the user all the way out to a highest level screen, such as within EZDD_ADMIN when there is a GO TO ADMIN button. This is for the user’s convenience to simplify navigation and is usually pretty clear in intent.



The Update button will update any metadata displayed on the screen that has been changed.

Buttons with more specific functions will be detailed in the appropriate sections of the User Manual.



The Copy button will appear on screens with data that might be desired for extraction to another application, such as Microsoft Excel or Word, for display or editing. This button will Copy the application information to the clipboard.