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Once the EZ Data Dictionary® application has been installed, it can be executed by selecting Start > All Programs > EZDataDictionary and choosing either EZDD_Admin.exe or EZDD_Inquiry.exe. It may be desirable to put shortcuts of each module onto the desktop for easier accessibility.

Regardless of which module is chosen, the first time execution of the application will run EZDD_Admin so that the software can be registered.



First time execution of the EZ Data Dictionary® requires registration to unlock the software, so regardless of whether the EZDD_Admin module or the EZDD_Inquiry module has been run, the EZDD_Admin module will be executed to prompt for this registration. Enter the registration number provided with your purchase, or enter the evaluation registration number of 296391 for a 30 day free trial of the application.





Once the software has been unlocked using the registration code, the user can continue on and login to EZDD_Admin. The default installation will automatically display the EZDD database and fill in the default User Code of EZDD and default Password of admin, so the user need only click on the Login button to proceed.


Main Screen

Once registration and login have been accomplished, the main EZDD_Admin screen will appear. The three databases whose metadata is included in the default installation will be listed, and the user may continue working in the EZDD_Admin module, or choose to switch over to the EZDD_Inquiry module.

To switch from the EZDD_Admin to EZDD_Inquiry, select EZDD_Inquiry from the top options ribbon, then EZDD_Inquiry from the drop-down, and the EZDD_Inquiry module will be initiated. Proceed to the section on the EZDD_Inquiry Login Screen for instructions on using this module.

The EZDD_Admin main screen offers all the functions that manage the EZ Data Dictionary® Database. Basic actions include adding, updating, or deleting source databases, and maintaining the file that determines the configuration of the EZDD software. Advanced functions include a comprehensive and powerful section on using interface tables and an ability to generate sql to update data from one version of a database to another.

No administrative functions are necessary to start using EZ Data Dictionary® in the default installed configuration. A few basic administration tasks are described in Common Tasks, and all EZDD_Admin functions are explained in depth in the EZDD_Admin section.





The EZDD_Inquiry module can be invoked from within the EZDD_Admin module, or by using Start > All Programs > EZDataDictionary > EZDD_Inquiry.exe. Regardless of the method, the first screen displayed by EZDD_Inquiry is the Login screen. The default installation will automatically display the EZDD database, fill in the default User Code of EZDD and default Password of admin, and display a status of Connected, so there is no additional action required to login in this configuration.

To continue working in EZDD_Inquiry, proceed to the section on the EZDD_Inquiry Main Screen.


Main Screen

The EZDD_Inquiry Login screen is also the initial screen for the EZDD_Inquiry function. Displayed on this screen are all the source databases that have metadata stored in the EZ Data Dictionary® database. Information about each database is displayed in the grid, and the grid can be scrolled or the columns expanded to see the information more easily. Select the desired database by clicking on that line, seeing that it gets highlighted, and then click on the button for the desired function.

The most commonly desired function is to Search Selected, which takes the user into a series of screens that display, query and search into the metadata for a source database. More advanced options include to Search All source databases for desired information, or to Compare Two source databases via their metadata. These advanced functions are covered in the User Manual while this Quick Start Guide will focus on the basic strategy to Search Selected database information. Selecting this option will move the application to the EZDD_Inquiry Search screen.


Search Screen

Some of the most frequently used features of EZ Data Dictionary® are initiated on the EZDD_Inquiry Search screen. This screen displays basic metadata about the structure of the selected source database and provides options for additional screens of more detailed information. From this screen the user can access all the metadata about a source database, including the database structure, descriptive information about that structure, and with appropriate permission levels, even preview data from the source database. From this screen the user can also search the metadata for table names, field names or particular descriptive information. The Common Tasks section illustrates how to access the most frequently desired tasks, while all functions are described in detail in the User Manual.

The left and right panels of this screen display information about the structure of the database, with some buttons offering additional options, while the center panel offers options for searching into the database metadata for particular information.


Screen Structure

The EZ Data Dictionary® screens are designed to be straightforward and fairly self explanatory. The main navigation buttons are always at the bottom of the screen with a button navigating back to a previous screen generally located furthest to the right. The Go Back button will return to the previous screen, the Go Back to Admin button to the main screen and the Exit button will exit the application. All of these buttons will exit the screen without applying any pending changes. The Update button will update any metadata displayed on the screen that has been changed. Buttons with more specific functions will be detailed in the appropriate sections of the User Manual.