Installation > EZDD Execution


This section describes the basic execution of the EZ Data Dictionary® as initially installed, including how to register, an overview of the pre-loaded databases, the default EZDD.txt file and a sample logfile.



First time execution of the EZ Data Dictionary® requires registration to unlock the software, so regardless of whether the EZDD_Admin module or the EZDD_Inquiry module has been run, the EZDD_Admin module will be executed to prompt for this registration. Enter the registration number provided with your purchase, or enter the evaluation registration number of 296391 for a 30 day free trial of the application.


Pre-loaded Databases

The default installation of EZ Data Dictionary® includes the metadata for three databases: the EZDD database itself, the Northwind sample database in Access and the Northwind sample database in SQL Server®. The two Access databases, EZDD and Northwind in Access, are installed in the Databases subdirectory so the actual data in those source databases can be accessed from the default installation. The backup file for the Northwind database in SQL Server® is installed in the Databases subdirectory so it can be restored and then the data can be accessed from EZ Data Dictionary®. Even without installing the Northwind database in SQL Server®, all the metadata about that database can still be viewed and searched, only the actual data in the database will not be visible.

In addition, two folders are installed in this directory: Oracle Files and SQL Server Files. These folders contain everything necessary to install the EZ Data Dictionary® database itself in Oracle® or SQL Server®. Instructions to accomplish this are included in the User Manual.


EZDD.txt File

When the EZ Data Dictionary® application is run, basic configuration information required by the program is supplied from the EZDD.txt file. By default this file is provided by the installation module and is located in the Programs folder of the EZDD directory.



When the EZDD_Admin module is run, a logfile is produced documenting what happens in the application as a result of the actions taken. By default this logfile is named EZDD_ADMIN_LOGFILE.TXT and is located in the Logfiles subdirectory at the installed location. If any problem is experienced with the module this logfile can be used to help diagnose the situation. If ICC help is needed with the diagnosis, this logfile will be critical information requested. Here is a sample of the logfile: