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Most standard windows environments will be adequate for EZ Data Dictionary®. It is desirable to have Microsoft Access installed on a workstation where EZ Data Dictionary® will be installed, although not absolutely necessary. The installation process will install the necessary Microsoft Access drivers needed by the application if they are not already on the workstation. The process will also install the Microsoft .Net Framework, version 2.0 on the workstation if it is not already installed.

EZ Data Dictionary® can be installed on a network drive, with client workstations running the software from the network location. If this is the desired configuration, each client workstation must have the .Net framework version 2.0 or higher installed. There also are some relevant Microsoft .Net security considerations that are described later in the User Manual.



EZ Data Dictionary runs on Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. The Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 will be installed on the workstation if it is not already there.



Microsoft Access 2002 or later is desirable for the initial installation. Microsoft SQLServer® or Oracle® can also be used to provide a networked installation to store the metadata in the EZ Data Dictionary® Database.

EZ Data Dictionary® can document databases of virtually any DBMS technology that is supported on the client workstation with the necessary providers. This includes Microsoft Access®, SQL Server®, Oracle®, Pervasive®, IBM UDB® and Sybase®.